Sceptical C

Born and raised in good old Willemstad, Curacao he currently prefers the cold weather and dark basements of Eindhoven. He likes his whisky with fat bass and a twist of Caribbean flavor.

Having played alongside names as Gayle San, Oliver Kucera, Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind and many more, he has shown a style that makes those party feet move nonstop on the dancefloor. Last summer he was asked to even come and rock the show at Decibel Festival. He has gained allot of respect by some of the bigger names in the scene with his driving and pounding releases, either as a remix or original.

Nowadays he’s releasing material on Elektrax Rec. // Mastertraxx // Burn-Audio // Common Good // Flatlife Rec. // Trust Recordings // Red Section // Kucera Rec. // Gobsmacked Rec. // Extorsion Group Rec.// Gayle San Rec.(GSR) // Naked Lunch // BassAssault Rec. to name a few.

More releases to follow soon, so this won’t be the last you’ve heard of him! The motto he goes by nowadays and that has been told to him by a good friend is:

“Don’t speak anymore…let the beats do this for you!”

Till we meet on the long road of Techno!