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Get your #Techno fix right here as I recorded a special podcast for my Naked Lunch Records family containing some gems I released over the years on Naked Lunch Records, Elektrax Recordings, Mechanism and Platinium Records. Podcasts contains remixes i did for A.Paul, Tachini and Logotech / Alpha Code. Also added Oliver Kučera’s never dissapointing and pumping remix he did for me. New to this list are the artists Appaa and Labeled which you will be hearing more of in the near feature.

Enjoy the beats as I bring them “Fast and Loud”!

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Time again for ADE!

You can find me hanging around again at the Amsterdam Dance Event on Oct 21st.
Want to meet up?! Send me a private message on my artist page on facebook and we’ll setup the meeting.

Cheers, C.


Coming up…..

This is once again a highlight in my musical career. 2 Gigs that i am very proud of being part of. See you there!



21-9-2013 10.00 – 12.00 (CET!) // Bliepcast 45: Bleeping Tom & Sceptical C on FNOOB

O yes folks, yet another podcast on it’s way. Nothing to do this weekend? Check this awesome Bliepcast with me and mr. Tom.

Saturday 21-9-2013 10.00 – 12.00 (CET!)
First hour – Bleeping Tom
Second hour – Sceptical C

FNOOB techno radio:

2013 ain’t gone, and already 2014 brings me some exciting things!

Hey folks! I have updated my upcoming gigs list once again. Still got some nice gigs ahead, but 2014 has some international gigs for me awaiting to be announced.
Exact dates of Chez Republic still to be added.

I will be playing on LEBENSGEFAHR, the hangar auflage, which will be on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam. This means that after many years, I will be the one dropping
some Techno on the old Awakenings soil.

But first, an awesome monstersale party this month. After that, the 5th of October…THE Techno Cruise…

C U Soon!!!

(06-10) Mental Thorments Night Presents:

Mental Thorments

Nothing to do this saturday? Now you have!! Be on time, cause i’m opening this blast of a party with some new tunes, and also digging in the oldschool techno stuff to get you warmed up for mr. Bold!! SO BE IN TIME!!!!!

23.00 – 00.30: Sceptical C
00.30 – 02.00: Carlos Bold
02.00 – 03.30: Mike Drama
03.30 – 05.00: Mental Crush PL
05.00 – 06.00: Triplex aka Sander Boiling Energy Kuypers

Mental Thorments Night Presents:

New and fresh website theme!

Hey there folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on here.
At last I found the time and I immediately edited my agenda so you can
keep a little bit more up to date about what i’m doing.

Discography will be adjusted this week. Cause the list has grown since the last

About my latest upcoming gigs….Sceptical C goes INTERNATIONAL!!! 😀
First we start of in Edinburgh, and the other gig is in Cork!

I will also add a new tab to my website : Sceptical C’s top 10.
So keep coming back cause the site will be growing allot!

Greetings, Sceptical C.