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Lots of new stuff coming up…

Hi ya’ll!

To much to write in a post, but here we go… ­čśÇ
The monthly “Sceptical C invites” is getting more and more aknowledgement from the locals, got a meeting tonight with Surreal Visuals and Youri Jozee for GLOW Eindhoven 2017, will be rocking the new Subsonic next month. Also started a new concept with my brother Sandy Provacia (Flexx_n Dance Academy) (Pika Pika!) and just to much to write down now…Just keep track of my page cause more info following soon! #Rengdengdeng #tjoetjoetrain #motivated #backtotheroots #tambutech #youready #techno #scepticalc #korsou

It seems so quite…but I am working my ass off..

Hey all!

It might seem as if it is quite around myself, but it’s not.

Created some sounds to enhance the artwork created by Surreal Visuals for GLOW (Eindhoven).
It was a talent contest for her and she won!

Also working on my new album which will be featuring some never heard sounds from Sceptical C yet! Trying to bring a broud spectrum of Techno to this album to show that I have grown a lot in sound and production.


thats what i am working on, and have been working on lately. More info to follow soon…

Interview in dutch by

DJMagI was asked about my past, so for those interested, a nice read on the evolution of myself. Enjoy the read! Thanks to Marceline and Dennis for composing it into a nice piece 

Ps. It’s in dutch, so Google translate is your best buddy

My First DJ Gig

Hi there guys and girls,
It’s been a while. But as you can see i’ve been very busy since my last post on here.  

And i’m not done either! 

More great news to follow very soon. Until then, enjoy a short clip of how hot LAB-1 was last saturday!

Greetz, C.


Sceptical C now also on Bulletcircuit Music & Bookings´╗┐ agency for Latin American bookings.

I am very please to announce that i have joined the awesome Colombian family of Bulletcircuit Music & Bookings for gigs in latin america. So promoters, get in touch with them for some fresh Sceptical C sounds at your latin party!

For all other bookings or info check my contact/bookings tab.


That was an awesome weekend!

Hi there followers!
Last weekend I had a nice gig on the Techno Cruise together with Oliver Kucera, Pet DUO,
Frank Kvitta and some more awesome techno artists. My set is recorded but will be used
for a podcast broadcast. So stay tuned for more info soon!

For now, if you missed my Naked Lunch podcast, here is the soundcloud link.
Set is downloadable. Enjoy!

For Dutch bookings…Contact

Glad to be a part of E.T.A.
From now on you know where to find some Eindhoven Techno all together!
Dutch bookings can go through: EindhovenTechnoAgency
You can always send me a FB message or e-mail but will be sending it to my dutch booker.
For International bookings : Contact Jonas Hager from Contact Booking.
For more details, check my Contact/Booking tab on the website.

Play dates update

Hi there! I have updated my playlist for 2013 and more will be added a.s.a.p.

Hope to see you on that dancefloor!

Greetz, C.